About Us

RVL is a related company of LMW.

RVL was started in 1996 under the name Lakshmi Vignesh Security Services. The company later changed its name to Lakshmi Vignesh Corporate Services (LVCS) in 2014 when it merged with Revantha Builders, another construction company from the same group. The newly merged entity was given the name Revantha Services Pvt Ltd (RVL).

RVL is a leading provider of construction and corporate services in India. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services possible.

Core Values

The six pillars of business success are quality, trustworthiness, shared knowledge, industry contribution, societal contribution, and environmental stewardship.


We’re dedicated to emancipating traditional methods and taking initiatives towards enhancing human life with sustainable products and services.


Let’s work together to lead the field with sustainable practices and processes that allow us to provide services that assure holistic customer satisfaction with minimal environmental impact.