House Keeping

RVL extends the best-in-class amenities throughout all types of businesses and several sites with an efficient and organized service delivery model aimed to align with the strategic and operational goals of a corporation.

There is no doubt in the fact that we are an organization that likes to function systematically and in an organized way. However, we don’t believe in rigidness, we like to keep room for all those future uncertain circumstances. Therefore, we incorporate crucial functions such as processes and technologies with people to make sure flexibility prevails. It is indeed supported by the modern Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems and in particular, focus on Total Quality Management (TQM).

RVL is quite focussed and sincere when it comes to delivering and maintaining constant high service level, functional efficiency, along with nonstop improvement, and has united with the clients for the same. Some of our vital key areas (KRA’s) encompass reduced downtime, amplifying revenues with lesser operating costs, and eliminating unnecessary duplication. You can avail of these services as individually or bundled, or completely integrated and customized to every customer as each one of you are important to us. 

Our Varied Service Sectors Encompass

  • Corporate sector
  • Health care sector
  • Institutional sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Textile sector
  • Airports
  • IT/Business parks
  • Public sectors


  • Housekeeping and Janitorial Service
  • Garden and Lawn Maintenance
  • Help Desk Management
  • Carpet and Upholstery cleaning

Housekeeping and Janitorial Service

All systems processed in the section of soft services are designed with the intention to achieve the utmost standards of cleanliness and hygiene. For the same, we encourage and apply innovative approaches as well as integration of competent resources, state-of-art equipment, environmental-friendly cleaning products, and established processes followed by 5S in each activity.

Our professional’s expertise is in offering best-in-class commercial hygiene services every day at every time. They tend to regulate in an excellent quality performance level with extraordinary business benefits and value to ecosystems. 

Service Standards

Our three service standards include Basic, Prestige, and hygiene. 

Basic Standard: In this service standard, we aim at maintaining good condition at all times in places including office areas, service areas, public areas, utility areas, fire exits, stairways, basements, lifts, car parking, and external areas.


Prestige Standard: This is loaded with eminent standards of cleanliness as well as appearance throughout involving maintaining advanced floor gloss levels, special VIP board rooms and Pantry, Reception areas, Lobbies, and Topmost Management floors, etc


Hygiene Standard: In the hygiene standard, areas are covered where an extreme hygiene standard is obligatory such as hospitals, sterile areas, toilets, kitchens, cafeteria, pantry, vending areas, first aid rooms. There are some areas such as waste bins, hidden surfaces, hinges, the underside of workstations, etc which are to be maintained dirt-free, stains, waste matter, watermarks, and scales utilizing appropriate cleaning and sanitizing materials

Kinds of Cleanings We Serve

Routine Cleaning: Routine cleanings hold utmost significance when it comes to hygiene, it encompasses cleaning tasks so as to make sure that offices, toilets, meeting areas, public areas, and various other routine work areas, furniture, and floor spaces are upheld to a high level of general cleanliness and persist in a presentable manner and fit for their anticipated purpose.


Reactive Cleaning: Reactive service is to sustain complete and secured use of facilities, respond to spillages, replace consumables, and regulate the cleanliness of all sanitary amenities.


Periodic Cleaning: Activities comprises all in-depth cleaning and regular cleaning activities of the communal as public areas and activities that entail frequent cleanup. 


The Frequency of daily cleaning is divided into 3 zones:

Green Zone: Cleaning – mechanically / manually. Frequency – Once a day


Red Zone: Cleaning – mechanically / manually. Frequency – Once a day minimum followed by further cleaning upon requests/instructions.


Yellow Zone: Cleaning – once at the commencement of shift and repeated till the end of the shift. Busy areas with the continued upkeep